To everyone who cares for Tom Duesterhaus, our family is looking for our son/brother/uncle and can use anyone's help. Tom has been missing since Friday, June 17, 2011. Some of his personal property has been found in a bag on Virginia Beach. A man we believe to be him was sighted taking a swim in the ocean by a woman in a nearby “beach house”. He was to have begun a four day retreat there on Monday. His car, car keys, and credit card were located July 28, 2011in a Rosslyn, Virginia parking lot.  The car had been parked there since June 17, 2011. We have no evidence of foul play or any criminal activity. With Tom’s love of his family and his community of Youth Apostles (YA) we have to believe he will eventually contact someone unless of course he is unable to do so. Meanwhile the police, his family, including the YA, love him and continue to search, and to look for more ways to locate Tom. 

He is 40 years old, white, 6' 3" tall, dirty blonde hair, green eyes. If you have information to help us find him please send it to:

Youth Apostles
Fr. Jack Peterson, Youth Apostles Director at 703-556-0914
Youth Apostles Website

Rich Duesterhaus

Fairfax County Police Department
Detective Chris Flanagan at 703-246-7860

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